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What are the benefits of studying MBBS at Columbus Central University School of Medicine?

Columbus Central University, Medical College in America, MBBS College in Belize
Columbus Central University

Columbus Central University School of Medicine (CCU) is a top medical school in the Caribbean for pursuing an MBBS/MD degree. It offers four-year programmes in basic research as well as clinical science. It also offers Pre-medical education. CCU is located in Belize, which is a Central American country on the Caribbean’s eastern coast. It is one of the Best Medical Colleges in America for MBBS.

CCU was established in 2006. Belize City is the location of the University. Belize is a politically stable country with English as its official language. The country offers easy access to the US, Central and South America, as well as Mexico.

CCU is a medical school with a curriculum modelled after medical institutions in the United States. The University of Belize is chartered by the Belizean government and is also authorised by the Ministry of Education. CCU is on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) list in Geneva, Switzerland.

CCU is approved by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) allowing students to take the USMLE as well as get admitted to a residency programme in the United States after graduation.

Why Should You Study MBBS at CCU?

Belize is a good location for MBBS studies in Caribbean countries.

  • Fundamental science
  • Clinical research
  • Pre-medical CCU provides students with high-quality medical education.
  • Columbus Central University offers a four-year MBBS/MD programme with a US-based curriculum.
  • Between North America and South America, Belize is located in Central America.
  • CCU has a higher rate of success on the USMLE test.
  • WHO, MCI, and other organisations acknowledge Columbus Central University.
  • Clinical rotations with 300 available spots around the United States as well as the United Kingdom.
  • CCU’s language of teaching is English, which makes it much simpler for international students to adjust to their surroundings.

Educate Medical Professionals Using Cutting-Edge Technology

Columbus Central University School of Medicine (CCU) is an International Center for Medical Education and Research. Belize is a Caribbean country with a tropical climate. CCU’s principal purpose is to educate compassionate and skillful physicians who will pursue graduate and specialist training programmes in biomedical and clinical Sciences, as well as to advance the frontiers of research, clinical practise, and teaching in the United States and the Caribbean.

Why Should You Study Medicine at CCU?

Study MBBS in abroad USA has a 12-year track record of success. Columbus Central University has a few benefits over other medical schools that you should think about before making your ultimate pick. CCU is continually striving to provide the best possible medical education atmosphere. They commit themselves to each and every student, as well as the faculty members share this commitment.

Excellent choice for International Students 

CCU is a thriving community of intellectual excellence and ethical consciousness that routinely ranks among the accredited medical schools in the Caribbean. CCU has a long-standing engagement with the people of India, having sent a large number of students, instructors, and staff to India as well as welcoming Indian students to our Belize campus.

Furthermore, CCU is an excellent university choice for Indian students. CCU is a popular alternative for Indian students seeking a high-quality, hands-on medical education at a world-class university. The university has assisted hundreds of Indian students in achieving their academic as well as professional objectives. Get your MBBS from this university.

Columbus Central University School of Medicine (CCU) has developed a curriculum based in the United States and hired the most competent faculty members to prepare students to pass a set of exams known as the United States Medical Licensure Exam (USMLE) on the first try. 

Moreover, every semester, multiple visiting professors from US medical schools come to apply the best educational standards. The school now also provides a USMLE Review Course in Medical Science at our Belize teaching site to directly assist you in preparing for this important exam.

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